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Welcome to Rural Power Systems!

The Premier Supplier of Solar Well Pump Systems and Kits

Solar solution using pole mounted solar panel modules.  In the background is the solar power pump.

We are the premier supplier of solar powered products, specializing in solar powered well pumps.  We work directly with the product manufactures to ensure the highest quality at the lowest prices possible.  We take out the middle man, by selling our products direct to consumer.  Rest assured you are paying the lowest prices possible.  Take a look around; we are adding new products daily. 

Over the past few years’ solar and motor technologies have improved to a point where they are a viable and cost effective solution for small-scale systems.  The future of rural and isolated power systems is solar. 

Technology of the 19th century was using windmills to pump water.  The 20th century solution was connecting these systems to the power grid.  It is time to enter the 21st century with solar power solutions. 

There is no longer a need to pay high installation costs to connect your rural power needs to the grid.  Small-scale solar power systems are the future for these types of rural systems.

  • Low instillation costs
  • No trenching miles of power cables
  • No paying the power company thousands of dollars to hook up to the power grid
  • No monthly power bills


What We Offer

Be the first to enter the world of 21st-century solar power solutions.  We offer high-quality, low-cost solar power systems from our website direct to the customer. These systems are sold directly from the site so there is no need to go through a lengthy quotation process.

Need a larger, more complex system?  No problem!  We have a team ready to design a custom solar-powered system to fit your needs. Contact us today!